At MCS at your service:

09-07-14-_9481bearbeitetSusanne Augustin M.A.
Communication and media scientist
Founder and managing director of MCS (2000).
Emphasis: Media and marketing counselling, product development and manufacturing processes.

She turns your ideas into products, develops the matching mascot and/or merchandising products. As coordinator of all needed steps to realize your mascots realization. Susanne Augustin gre up in Germany and South Tyrolia (Italy). She travels a lot, lived for 2 years in Japan and visits Far East on a regular basis. Her experiences and multiple language skills brings her into good position to deal with manufacturers in this area in a trustful way.

09-07-14-_9392bearbeitetHeike Günther
Educated as business management assistent. Assistant to Susanne Augustin since 2009.
Emphasis: Quotation, ordering, accounting, warehouse and logistics.
She takes care that your mascot products reach their destination in time. She looks after the Newspaper Duck and her marketing.

Our expert’s network
MCS is cooperating with experienced and skilful colleagues in a network. There are illustrators, toy developers, product designers and others.
We select our manufacturing partners carefully and set a high value to reliable and long lasting cooperation.

At our external telephone reception, located nearby, a friendly team takes your calls seven days a week for 24 hours if we are not available. We get informed about your call and notice instantly by email or sms.