PP_KLASSIK_05PAULA PRINT – The one and only Newspaper Duck

We proudly present: „Paula Print” – the newspaper duck

„Zeitungsente” – newspaper duck has a special meaning in German language: It means a newspaper hoax or canard (which is the French word for duck). Most of the European languages – besides English – use a similar expression. With the „Zeitungsente PAULA PRINT“ this idea is taken seriously. Since 1998 people inside and outside the newspaper business took „Paula Print“ to their hearts.

PAULA PRINT started in plush as a symbol or mascot for the newspapers in Germany. She is a real character and unique. PAULA is offered in different sizes and types like key chain, backpack or glove puppet. She started a rich collection of funny accessories so as gardener, wedding couple, St. Claus and so on.

PAULA PRINT is everybody’s darling, but especially children and young ladies are keen on her.

She is used as incentive, gift or mascot and is a very well selling product. More than 200 newspaper companies all over Germany actually work with PAULA PRINT.

PAULA PRINT is exclusively represented by its inventor Susanne Augustin at MCS. Licence is with ZMG Zeitungs Marketing Gesellschaft mbH in Frankfurt, the marketing association for newspapers in Germany.

How to spell PAULA PRINT:

GERMAN: Zeitungsente / SKANDINAVIA: avisand / ITALIAN: Canato / FRENCH: Canard / POLISH: kaczka dziennikarska

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